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10-Year Class Reunion

Well, due mostly to the fact that a good number of the calls didn’t get invitations, and those that did are still recovering from excessive sticker shock ($150/couple?!), the Layton High School 10-Year Class Reunion was canceled with a mere week’s notice.

Luckily, some of the more resourceful people in the class had already planned an alternative: a picnic in the park. How quaint.

Quite a few people showed up (some from as far as Sunny California and, even one from across the border!).

My family and I stayed from 12:30 to 14:45 (give or take), which was enough time to see several old friends (many of whom didn’t appear to have aged a day). Some gaces that I saw included: April Canfield, Jill Trainor, Brandy Nelson, Rose Blood, Alyssa Welling, Phil Richardson, Dan Drimhall, Darby Gardner, Sheila Ornsby, Emily McKinstry, Rebecca Barney, Jill Treasure, Kimberly King, Krystalin Bird, Ryan Scriven, Sean Hatch, Katelyn Handy, Kristen Hazen, Lisa Christensen, Joe Levi (of course), and Tim Young. I’m sure I’m missing many people that I saw, I didn’t take notes. (I apologize if I missed you or spelled your name incorrectly.)

I don’t claim to be a good photographer by any means, but not seeing anyone else taking pictures I snapped a bunch and posted them to (link updated 08/21/2007) for your convenience.

Also, there is a Yahoo! Group where a bunch of us have gotten together to collaborate: (Yahoo Group no longer available)


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  1. Joe says:

    Apparently the ShutterFly album was taken down, and the Yahoo Group no longer exists…

    If anyone has a copy of the pics, please contact me.

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