Ruger Redefines the AR-15 Platform

Ruger just introduced their first AR-15, the SR-556™, a two-stage piston driver AR-style rifle. According to their website, the piston driven SR-556™ “runs cleaner, cooler, and is easier to maintain than gas-driven rifles.” Awesome. For anyone out there, my birthday is in September. 😉

Webmaster Tools Vulnerability

Background For those of you who aren’t web masters or web developers, you’re probably not familiar with Google’s, Yahoo’s, and MSN’s webmaster tools. These are the “big 3” in search engines today, and each has offered a fairly similar set of tools to web masters to help with indexing of Read more…

Firearms Training

Strategic Tactical Group is offering 3 two-day training courses in Wendover, Utah on June 27th & 28th, 2009. The courses being offered are Building Clearing (for the Home Owner), Tactical Carbine (AR-15), and Precision Rifle. See for details, contact, and registration information.