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Will Matheson vote to shut down the government?

Tomorrow, the U.S. House of Representatives is expected to vote on a Continuing Resolution that will sensibly reduce spending, while preventing a government shutdown. Some Democrats have signaled they support many of the budget reductions included in the resolution. Here is something to consider before tomorrow’s expected vote.

Will Jim Matheson (D-UT), a self-proclaimed fiscal hawk, vote for the budget cuts in the Continuing Resolution? Or will he follow the lead of Nancy Pelosi and vote for a government shutdown?

Please consider the following as you follow tomorrow’s expected vote.

“Jim Matheson again proved to be a loyal foot soldier for Nancy Pelosi two weeks ago when he voted against a sensible budget plan. If Matheson is true to his word, he should join Republicans in voting for common-sense cuts to prevent a government shutdown, while simultaneously reducing government spending.”

– Thomas Wright, Utah GOP Chairman


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