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Utah Gun Violence Prevention Center Seeks to Reduce Violent Shootings the Wrong Way

Utah Gun Violence Prevention Center Suggests Citizens Shoot Themselves in the FootAccording to a story “The Gun Violence Prevention Center of Utah believes the damage done by guns grows more common every year. It wants to plant a different future with fewer violent shootings.” How does it plan to do that? “The violence prevention advocates urge all of us to take action and talk to our legislators [about stricter laws for gun ownership], especially as the population swells.”

Lorna Brown, Gun Valley Prevention Center Board Member: “Now is the time to act. We shouldn’t wait until it gets worse; it certainly will get worse unless we do womething about it.”

So what are they advocating?

We should pass a law that makes it illegal to shoot someone.

We should pass a law that a person cannot possess a firearm while in the commission of a crime.

We should pass a law that a person who’s committed a violent crime in the past (dometic violence or a felony, for example) cannot carry or even own a firearm (then let’s take away their right to vote so they can’t try and get this law repealed).

We should pass a law that a person cannot conceal a firearm unless they’ve gone through a bunch of training and background checks, and has submitted their fingerprints and photograph for documentation.

We should also establish an elite group of people that enforce these laws that we can call any time night or day to come and apprehend anyone that doesn’t obey these laws.

We should set up secure buildings surrounded by fences topped with razor wire where we can lock up people who don’t obey these laws.

Once we pass those laws I think we’ll all be safe.

That won’t work

We’ve already got all those laws and very simply, they don’t work!

Something must be done about “violence” of all kinds, not just violence involving the use of guns. A violent crime committed with a firearm is no more or less tragic that a violent crime committed with a knife, tire iron, bat, or even fists.

We need to eliminate violent individuals from our neighborhoods; tell them we don’t want them here, they’re not welcome.

Utah Legislature, listen up

  • Create an online database (just like the sex offender’s registry) that lists ALL violent crimes commited (including the location of the crime and the residence of the criminal).
  • Pass “Castle Doctrine” legislation to protect law-abiding citizens from retaliation should a criminal force them to defend themself, their family, and their property.
  • Repeal “Duty to Retreat” laws that effectively empower the violent criminal by forcing the law-abiding victim to “run away.” (These are also known as “The Criminal’s Safe Workplace” guarantee.)
  • In short, since the police aren’t required by law to protect individual citizens, give the individual citizens the tools to do it themselves!

Who Will it Be?

Who will be the State Senator or State Representative that will sponsor this legislation?

With elections upcoming, I’d like to know, reply to this post and I’ll drum up support for you at the grassroots level.


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