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Utah Man Shot in the Head During Armed Robbery

According to a man was shot in the head after an attempted robbery at a West Valley City, Utah housing complex.

A woman told police she and the 27-year-old male victim were walking up to her apartment at the Granger Complex around 5:40 am, when a gunman approached them from behind. The suspect demanded the victim’s wallet. The woman says before the victim could hand over his wallet, the suspect shot him in the head.

What should we do now?

  • We should pass a law that makes it illegal to shoot someone in the head.
  • We should pass a law that makes it illegal to steal someone else’s money.
  • We should pass a law that a person cannot possess a firearm while in the commission of a crime.
  • We should pass a law that a person who’s committed a violent crime in the past (dometic violence or a felony, for example) cannot carry or even own a firearm (then let’s take away their right to vote so they can’t try and get this law repealed).
  • We should pass a law that a person cannot conceal a firearm unless they’ve gone through a bunch of training and background checks, and has submitted their fingerprints and photograph for documentation.
  • We should also establish an elite group of people that enforce these laws that we can call any time night or day to come and apprehend anyone that doesn’t obey these laws.
  • We should set up secure buildings surrounded by fences topped with razor wire where we can lock up people who don’t obey these laws.

Once we pass those laws I think we’ll all be safe.

Then again, don’t we already have these laws in place?

Passing laws isn’t working!!

The police can’t be counted on for protection!! Our prisions are already full to the point where we’re releasing criminals before they’ve done their time (let alone having been “rehabilitated”).

When will we realize that it’s OUR responsibility to defend OURselves, OUR families, OUR neighbors, and to make OUR communities safe?

When are YOU going to stop being a VICTIM and start being part of the SOLUTION?


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