The Bailout Law Explained


Take 700 bajillion dollars, add 150 bajillion dollars in pork to get the House to pass it, subtract 600 bajillion dollars of market reaction being taken out of your 401(k)/IRA and what do you get?

Financial stability for the Chinese. That’s right, the 700 bajillion dollars is really 850 bajillion dollars that we – the US tax payer – get to repay over the next who-knows-how-long, is actually a bailout for foreign investors.

Now, the Bailout LAW doesn’t actually say that, to get to that tidbit you need to listen to Paulson and Bush: any provisions in the bill to restrict a foreign bank from selling a bond to a domestic bank who then sells it to Treasury would result in a Bush Veto. That’s right, they knew – more than that, it was their plan all along.

Don’t believe me? Look at what happened today: the Fed lowered the interest rate 1.5% – that’s huge! But it was closely timed to foreign entities cutting their interest rates by the same amount. It was planned. It was timed. It was orchestrated. That, by the very definition, is a conspiracy.

Not into conspiracies, here’s something concrete: the 600 bajillion dollars that came out of the stock market (read: your retirement account) is gone.

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