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tatHome: Android’s Killer-App?

If we’ve learned anything from the Windows Mobile, iPhone, and Android wars it’s that UI/UX is arguably the most important aspect to a PDA (yes, I said PDA). Whether it’s a phone (Windows Phone 7 vs. iPhone vs. Android), a music/media player (iPod vs. Zune), etc., if your competitor has a prettier interface than you, you’re out of the game if you can’t come up with something to compete – and fast!

Microsoft pulled an “Internet Explorer” with their mobile operating system, letting competition sneak in and still their customers.

Android finds itself in that position now. Apple has upped the ante with the unfortunately named iPad and Microsoft may be back in the game with Windows Mobile 7.

Although it’s not made by Android-proper, the tatHome app could very well be Android’s killer app.

All I can say is that I want it. Take a look!


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