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Video: Stand Up Comedy, Superdell Part 2

Superdell tries stand up comedyWould Superdell Schanze make a good stand up comic? According to what we saw in this video, not really — he came in dead last. Oh, and that fanny pack that he says is trying to hide his “reaction to the hot girls in the front row” with is actually his lawfully carried concealed firearm.

What you’re about to see is seven painful minutes of Dell Schanze trying to be funny — and failing. Miserably.


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  1. Bill says:

    What dose it matter if he’s carrying. I carry everyday and a fany pack works good for this. I know he was reported to have pulled a gun on someone due to road rage but if he had done it he would have been convicted for it. Trust me the courts don’t foul around when it comes to pulling a gun.

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