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Solar Powered Wireless Web Security Camera

I’m a very interesting sort of geek: I stream my movies from Netflix to my computer (which outputs to my big-screen HDTV and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound), and I raise a small flock of chickens in my back yard.

image The chicken coop is located in the far corner of my backyard and doesn’t currently have power to it. That’s not really a problem now, but it will be come this winter when I’ll need keep the water bowl from freezing, run a lamp for artificial light so the birds keep laying in the winter, and possibly run a heating lamp.

In addition to the “necessities” I want to install a wireless netcam back there so I can check on the flock without getting my feet cold.

Lucky for me, Jake Ludington has a tutorial on the second half of the setup for me over at his website.

He’s even got a nice YouTube video set up for us, take a look:

Thanks, Jake!


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