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Senator Hatch Responds to President Obama's Jobs Speech

Two and half years ago, President Obama signed his $1 trillion stimulus bill into and claimed that it would immediately put Americans back to work and prevent our unemployment rate from topping 8%.

Since then, we’ve lost over 2 million jobs and the unemployment rate stands at 9.1%. By all reasonable measures, the President’s big-government stimulus failed.

The plan President Obama outlined last night is nothing new. It simply doubles down on the same policies that failed us before.

We can’t afford to go down this path again!

Big-government policies are getting in the way of our job creators and are strangling our economy. We need a different approach that puts the American people, not Washington, back in charge. Our American jobs agenda starts with:

  • Fundamentally Reforming The Tax Code
    Get the IRS off the backs of families and small businesses by simplifying the tax code and lowering tax rates across the board
  • Rolling Back Job-Killing Regulations
    Develop American energy and open lands to commonsense development
  • Passing A Balanced Budget Amendment
    Stop reckless spending and force Washington to live within its means

Will you join me in the fight to get Washington off our backs and pass a Balanced Budget Amendment?

Right now our country is at a key fork in the road, and the path we take will directly impact our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We can’t afford to lose this fight.

Please contribute $10, $25, $50 or even $100 today to join the fight.

Thank you for your support.


Orrin Hatch
Lead Sponsor of the Balanced Budget Amendment


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1 Response

  1. Angela says:

    A non-partisan opinion:

    – Point A: No. The easy answer “cut taxes” is not the right one. We have an enormous deficit on our hands. If we cut taxes, how will we pay it off? We need to reverse the “trickle-down” economics model Reagan instituted and redistribute some wealth.

    – Point B: No. Opening our wildernesses to depredations by unregulated businesses is only going to hurt us in the long run. They do not use sustainable practices, which means any benefit we might get would be temporary.

    – Point C: Yes. That include Democrats AND Republicans. I am so sick of flip-flopping party control every election and watching both parties take their turns pillaging the country for their pet projects. People from both parties grab money and spend as fast as they can, because they known in 4 years they’ll have to turn the reins of power over the other party so they can do the same.

    It shouldn’t be about parties. It should be about the American people. Our politicians have lost sight of that.

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