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Senator Hatch on the Keystone Pipeline, Immigration

Fellow Utahns,

As you may have heard, President Obama announced that he has rejected the Keystone XL pipeline project, which is expected to create thousands of jobs across the country.  According to legislation signed into law by the President at the end of last year, the President was given the sole authority to issue the permit to build the pipeline, which would lower the energy costs for Utahns and decrease our dependence on foreign sources of oil.

The announcement shows yet another failure in leadership from a White House intent on paying back their political allies at the expense of hard-working Americans. The President could have helped create thousands of jobs across the country, but instead made it clear yet again that he favors playing politics over passing good energy policy.  With our unemployment across the country still unacceptably high, it is unthinkable and unwise of this administration to reject this pipeline which would have created good-paying jobs here at home.

This is truly disappointing because unlike the President’s failed trillion dollar stimulus, the Keystone pipeline is a shovel-ready, private-sector project that will spur job-creation now and in the future. It is just another example of how this White House is one of the most anti-American-energy Administrations in our nation’s history.

You have my commitment to continue to fight against misguided decisions like this, and other government regulations that hamper economic recovery by our private sector.

Hatch Statement on the President’s Political Decision to Change Immigration Rules

Earlier this month, President Obama decided to go around Congress and use his executive power to change immigration rules. The change made will allow illegal immigrants whose spouses or children are legal US residents to avoid paying penalties while they seek legal immigration status.

We are a proud nation of immigrants and also a country that respects the rule of law. Unfortunately, the President has opted to change long-standing immigration policy to score cheap political points and reward those who have come to our great country illegally. We need a President who is interested in working with Congress to find a comprehensive immigration solution that respects the rule of law, not a President solely focused on what policies best appeal to his political base.

Hatch on President’s Announcement to Reorganize Federal Agencies

Last week, President Obama announced that he would seek congressional authority to reorganize the Executive Branch, including merging six trade and commerce agencies.  I believe that eliminating wasteful government programs and reducing spending is a laudable goal and one we should all work to achieve.  After three years in the White House presiding over the largest expansion of government in generations, the timing of this announcement and the failure to consult Congress raise questions about the President’s commitment to a real reorganization and reduction in the size of the federal government.

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Senator Orrin Hatch

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