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Senator Hatch: I won't back down on ObamaCare

One year ago this week, ObamaCare became law.

While the law has yet to be fully implemented, it’s clear that it spends too much, borrows too much, taxes too much, and undermines our liberty too much. The fiscal costs of ObamaCare alone are going to crush our economy:

  • 800,000 jobs lost
  • $2.6 trillion in new federal spending
  • $813 billion in tax increases
  • $118 billion in unfunded mandates for our states, pushing them to the brink of insolvency

To make matters worse, health care costs are projected to rise — despite promises to the contrary by President Obama and liberals in Washington.

There is no fixing ObamaCare.

The best way to fix this fundamentally broken law is to repeal it. It might not happen today or tomorrow, but ObamaCare will be repealed. That’s my promise to you.

When ObamaCare is repealed, I will work to replace it with market-based solutions that puts states — not Washington — in charge.

Please share your thoughts with me on repealing ObamaCare by replying to this email.


Orrin Hatch

P.S. Please share this email with your friends and neighbors to let them know that I’m fighting to repeal ObamaCare.

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  • On Wednesday reach the 1-year anniversary of ObamaCare, a bill which will bankrupt our states and should be fully repealed. #utpol
  • ATR President @GroverNorquist endorses my Committee to Reduce Government Waste initiative.
  • Congrats to BYU! What a great game! So glad you won, had me a little worried at halftime. Jimmer is a great player. #BYU

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