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Prius Limo

What if you want the form and function of a Toyota Prius, but you need a few more seats? That was exactly the situation that my wife and I found ourselves in: needing seating for six (6) without giving up fuel efficiency.

Our solution netted us a newer mini-van (a 2007 Chevy Uplander) that’s averaging 20.6 (combined) MPG presently. Not the greatest, but for a V6 mini-van (that drives like a truck), it’s not terrible.

Apparently someone else was in the same boat as we were, but they took their love of the Prius a step further… they chopped to Prii in half (almost) and soldered them together to make a 6-door, 8-seater Prius. No, really!


More pictures at source. Hat tip to Mike Dopp for pointing this out to me! Woot!

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