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Prepping Starts With… What You Drink?

In our last article we opened the topic “Prepping Starts With” as a way to talk about some commonly overlooked ways to prep. Everyone talks about storing food, water, batteries, flashlights, sleeping bags (, etc.) as ways to prep. Virtually nobody is talking about prepping YOU!

Today we’ll talk about something so basic that you’ve probably already got it in your prepping supplies… but are you using it daily?

Before we get to that, answer this question…

What do you drink during the day?

  1. Coffee (black, or with cream and sugar)
  2. Fancy coffee (iced, cappuccino, late, etc.)
  3. Fruit juice
  4. Soft drinks or soda
  5. Alcohol

Guess what? NONE of those is good for you! Nope, not even fruit juice… at least not most of what you get from the store. Caffeine, carbonation, alcohol, juices that are high in sugar are all doing your body harm. They are either messing with your brain, killing your brain, or making you fat. Most of them are also making you tired and clouding your mind.

When you’re drinking these beverages you’re stuck in a “mental fog” and you’re unable to function at your best! Not only that, you probably have notices unpleasant mood swings which make it difficult to be productive — let alone optimistic!

Not only are these drinks unhealthy, they’re addictive (yes, even fruit juices that you buy at the store). They make your body crave them… and you will run out of them very quickly in an emergency situation. When that happens, not only will you be in an emergency situation, you’ll also be going through withdrawal!

Prepping starts with being healthy. Being healthy starts with putting the right liquids into your body. Stop drinking things that are detrimental to your prep — try it for two weeks, drink only water, and let us know your results!

(Oh, and as a foot note, put that $8/day you were paying for beer, wine, or coffee into a jar… and watch how fast it adds up! Look at all the money you can now use to prepare for the unexpected!)


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