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Persuasion, Petition, Interposition, and Nullification

In the battle to Downsize DC, I believe there are numerous fronts, other than electoral politics, on which to fight. That’s why I was thrilled to be invited to speak at a conference in Orlando, Florida on 10/10/10.

That’s just one of four conferences, with the others being held in . . .

* Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
* Chattanooga, Tennessee
* Phoenix, Arizona

Whether or not I get invited to speak at some others (and I hope that I do!), depends, somewhat, on how many DC Downsizers are registering to attend these very inexpensive, day-long events.Check out

And when you register, please let them know Downsize DC sent you.

At, we exercise our Constitutional right of petition. Long-term, we seek to build a mass-marketing, persuasion machine. In interviews I usually express it like this . . .

At Downsize DC, we want to build an army so large that Congress cannot afford to ignore us; so big, that we can get the message out everywhere, every day.

In addition, we are huge fans of the entire Bill of Rights, but we also feel like the Ninth and Tenth are extra important and most frequently ignored.

So when the Tenth Amendment Center came along, we immediately felt a kinship with this group. This highly commendable organization is teaching people about the important legacy, bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers, of state powers to resist tyranny. Sheriffs, Governors, and other county and state officials, are not only NOT required to obey un-Constitutional laws, but they also have the power to resist such orders, and to speak out and act on behalf of their constituents.

This is interposition.

The Constitution, not Congress — the Constitution, not the President — is the supreme law of the land. And the law to which all members of our government swear an oath — be they federal, state, county, local, and district — is the Constitution.

This power to resist, includes the ability to “Just Say No.” And now, just in the last couple of years, states are standing up to the federal government.

* 25 states have effectively blocked the Real ID Act
* 14 states are defying the federal marijuana laws
* 8 states are doing the same with various gun laws

These are acts of nullification.

I firmly believe in what we’re doing here at Downsize DC to petition, and that we will, long-term, be very persuasive with the our Operation Everywhere plan. We seek to Educate the Powerful at the FEDERAL level. That’s essential.

Yet there’s important work to be done at the state level — even to protect us from the federal government. These conferences are very promising.

We are glad to play a small part in the effort to build an educated, effective, and energetic force to help us fight the overreach of Big Government. I hope you will check out, and that you will join me.

And remember, tell ’em Downsize DC sent ya!

In fact, if you do register (or have registered), please hit Reply and let us know.

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC Foundation &, Inc.


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