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Leave your mark — on a PAPER ballot

One of the duties of the Lt. Governor is to oversee the state’s elections.

Gary Herbert was Utah’s Lt. Governor not long ago. While serving in this capacity Mr. Herbert set in motion a change to Utah’s voting machines, replacing the old “punch card” style machines with the newer, computer-based voting machines that most of us use in elections today.

During the early stages of this process, before I was your Vice-Chairman, I was concerned with the level of security that these machines offered — and as a computer programmer by profession, I was concerned with the ease at which these machines could be hacked.

I began doing some research and found out that I was not alone. Other people had similar concerns, and had shown that these machines can be TOO easily hacked. It’s so easy to hack these machines that several states that had been using them to run their elections literally outlawed them.

Ironically, Gary Herbert ignored this and purchased the very machines from the very states that deemed them “too insecure” and prohibited their use in their elections.

I made several phone calls, sent many letters, and emailed Gary Herbert regarding my concerns (and those shared by the states that ruled them illegal to use in elections).

  1. Gary Herbert did not return a single phone call.
  2. Gary Herbert did not answer a single email.
  3. Gary Herbert did not reply by mail with even so much as a form letter.

To counter this I always ask to vote on a paper ballot. The poll worker will probably give you a hard time about it, just don’t step down: insist a paper ballot. It’s the only way you can make sure your vote isn’t tampered with…

Regarding Governor Herbert, personally, I cannot support him in his bid for re-election. It’s up to you to research the candidates and determine who you should (or should not) vote for.


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