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Layton City Police arrest victim of car accident after she calls for help

Dear Mayor Stevenson and City Council Members,

I grew up in Layton, Utah. I went to elementary school, junior high, high school, and even some university classes there. I spent 21 years of my life living in Layton, Utah.

Now I’m embarrassed to be associated with Layton City.

Why? Layton City Police just victimized the victim of a car crash!

I don’t care if you’re “by the book” or not, here you’ve got a woman who was just involved in a vehicle crash – she was rear-ended, so it’s clearly not her fault. When she calls the police for help they had HER – the victim – do a field sobriety test?

They claimed her “balance is off”? Fresh bruises to a person’s knees and feet will do that to a person, not to mention the “shaken up” state of mind and adrenaline dump that happens post-traumatic event – like a car crash.

After that, they arrest HER (the victim), feel her up (sorry, they prefer the phrase “pat her down”), and take her to jail.

THEN, after she PASSES two DUI tests (blood-drawn, no less), they have the gall NOT to drop the charges?!

Do they want people to stop calling the police? To stop trusting them? To “take care of things on their own”? Because that’s how you get people to do just that.

Charges need to be dropped. Apologies need to be given. Public apologies. VERY public apologies. Soon.


  • Joe Levi, former resident

Layton City Mayor

Layton City Council Members


  • Layton City Victim Advocate: Karen Arroyo, (801) 336-3599,
  • Layton City Police, Internal Affairs Office, (801) 497-8300
  • Layton City Police Chief, Allen Swanson, (801) 336-3477



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