Joe Levi:
a cross-discipline, multi-dimensional problem solver who thinks outside the box – but within reality™

Introducing your New Precinct Chair: Joe Levi

My name is Joe Levi. I grew up in East Layton and have been living in our Precinct in Syracuse for the last 13+ years. I’ve been serving as the Precinct Vice Chair and one of our State Delegates for the last two years, and have been keeping our elected officials on their toes and answerable to us (the people they’re supposed to be representing) since high-school.

Due to family and scheduling issues our former Precinct Chair wasn’t able to devote as much time to the office as he would have liked, and I jumped in to help — including running the 2012 Caucus.

Our 2012 neighborhood Caucus was an amazing success! When I “woke up” and started attending the Caucus we went from dozen people in a classroom to over 70 at the most recent meeting! While that’s amazing, it’s still disappointing that only 70 out of ~550 families showed up to participate in the most grass-roots level of politics in Utah.

Joe Levi

My job is to help keep everyone informed, and to facilitate the communication between neighbors and the Delegates, and to make sure our Precinct (our neighborhood) is fully represented at all Nominating Conventions and other meetings for the next two years.

Since taking office as the Chair our website has gotten a face-lift and all the “paperwork” following the Convention has been completed.

Over the coming days I’ll add information about our Delegates (including contact information) and what the roles of the Delegates are. Delegates are an extremely powerful position. We need to ensure that our elected Delegates use that power to contact elected officials and convey the sentiment of our precinct when considering legislation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me:


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