How to choose your perfect outdoor shed


Lifetime 8ft x 10ft Outdoor Storage Shed--w/ Double-Doors Front/Back I’m a homeowner — actually, the bank’s the home owner, I won’t own it for another 25 years or so… but I digress… Where was I? Oh yes…

I’m a home owner, and as suck I’ve got a lot of crap stuff laying around. That stuff takes up space, and honestly, it’s getting hard to park in my garage. Know the feeling.

The good writers over at Lifetime Products have put together a pretty comprehensive guide to picking the outdoor storage shed that’s right for you. They include questions like “What will the shed be used for?”, “How much space do I have in my yard?”, and “What price range can I afford?”

It’s pretty good read.

So what are you waiting for, go find your perfect shed!

2 thoughts on “How to choose your perfect outdoor shed

  1. Wood burning stove. Big nice toolbench. Lots of woodworking tools. License plate that says CHILLIN on it tacked to the wall. That’s my perfect shed. Plus high speed internet of course.

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