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2006 Damewood Family Party

Hey all, here are the pictures from The 2006 Damewood Family Party. The first set is what I took with my camera, so it’s biased toward my kids and such, the second group contains pictures of the “family groups.”

“Online Format” means the pictures have been “down sampled” for presentation on the web; in other words: don’t print these, they look good on-screen, but you want the “Printable Format” if you want to print them.

Note: Because the “Printable Format” files are so huge (about 50MB), if you want a particular picture email me with the filename that you’re interested in and I’ll hunt it down and email it to you.

  1. Joez Pictures to the Syracuse Heritage Days Fireworks and The Damewood Family Party
  2. Group Pictures from The Damewood Family Party

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