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Day 3, Selling Stuff on the Web in Style with Microsoft Commerce Server (XBD06)

The take-home message from this session is “Got a quarter of a million for hardware and infrastucture, a bunch more for Commerce Server, and a whole lot of development time? Great! MS Commerce Server is the solution for you!” Okay, maybe that’s being a bit cynical, but acurate nonetheless.

Commerce Server lets you tie in with your BizTalk processes and handle your Commerce. Included in the demo were an online store utilizing Silverlight 1.0 (WPF/E in their slides) for product display, which was pretty cool. They also featured a touch-screen interface for a kiosk version of the store, and a Pocket PC (er, “Windows Mobile 5”) application, all of which were data tied and allowed for core browse, search, buy, print receipt functions.

Silverlight for Mobile is coming… (probably with or after Windows Mobile 6, aka “Crossbow”), that’ll be interesting to see!


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