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Countdown To Victory

Please enjoy the twentieth edition of “Countdown To Victory”, a weekly newsletter from the Utah Republican Party. This will be the last edition of the newsletter for this election cycle.  We hope it has keep you up to date with our Republican candidates and their progress towards the election, kept you advised of events, and given you opportunities to be actively involved in the process.

The UTGOP Newsletter will continue on a monthly basis.  Please watch for the first edition in January 2011!

Weekly feature sections include:

  • “As I See It” – Dave Hansen, URP Chair. Insight into the election and assessment on how our candidates are doing
  • “Down to Business” – Kitty Dunn, URP Vice Chair. All about the work of electing Republicans and how to do it
  • “IMO” OpEd from Guest Contributor – This edition: Ivan DuBois – Executive Director Utah Republican Party
  • “Upcoming Events” Important calendar items
  • “Stuff You Should Know” Links to articles, videos and commentary on current issues
  • PermaLinks” Links to important websites

Please see the current edition of “Countdown To Victory” by clicking here (PDF).

The newsletter can be accessed directly through the party website by clicking on the Weekly Newsletter button on the right hand side of the main page.  The newsletter is in PDF format.  When the PDF opens, if it does not display at 100%, please change the display to 100%.

We hope you enjoy “Countdown To Victory”!

Dave Hansen, Utah Republican Party Chair

Kitty Dunn, Utah Republican Party Vice Chair


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