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Cool Solar Power Products of the Day

Part of the problem with solar panels is they’re so big; you have to have a large surface area to produce any respectable amount of power (yes, I could go on a tangent about how we need to be working for better efficiencies and low-power consumption, but that’s a topic for another post). Putting solar panels on a roof or a mast are good ways to "get them out of the way," but what about using them in other, more practical applications?

Sure, you’ve seen solar bags and backpacks that have a flexible solar panel on one side or the other.

You’ve got application specific solar panels (on yard lights, gable/attic fans, or car fans, etc.), and even "solar trees."

Now, you’ve even got the solar table, take a look.

Not really solar, but green:


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  1. Just thought to add another cool solar product solar pool skimmer robot

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