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Congressman Chaffetz on the Debt

Dear Friend,

Last month I had the privilege of visiting the Middle East.   I met with the leaders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq, as well as with Gen. David Petraeus.  I’m so proud of our brave American troops.   I can’t thank them enough for their service to our great country.

This trip was my fourth visit to the region.  One purpose of the trip was to root out any potential waste, fraud and abuse happening with our foreign aid.  We’re pouring literally hundreds of billions of dollars into Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.  There is definitely a long list of things my Oversight and Government Reform committee will be  investigating further.

The biggest threat to our national sovereignty continues to be out-of-control spending addictions and unsustainable debt.  Last month’s deficit of $223 billion is the largest monthly deficit in the history of our nation.  We must drastically cut spending immediately.  I hope my colleagues on both sides of the aisle are as serious as I am about cutting up the national credit card.

Last week I introduced a piece of legislation that would terminate the employment of current federal employees who are seriously delinquent on their taxes.  Since 2004 there have been around 100,000 federal employees who owe more than $1 billion in unpaid taxes.  Federal employees — whose salaries are paid by the American taxpayer — should not be excused from paying their share of taxes.

I also introduced a bill recently that would require  the Office of Management and Budget to sell $19 billion worth of vacant or underused buildings.  My bill would also mandate that 80 percent of the revenues generated be used to pay down the national debt.  The government can no longer foot the bill for vacant building or special interest projects.  Government property that serves no public good should be immediately returned to private ownership.

Thank you for your vigilance and support.  The country needs you to stay engaged and involved.


Congressman Jason Chaffetz

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