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What if you could stuff your whole computer into your mouse? (video)

I’m a fan of mobile computing. You might have picked up on that thanks to my involvement with Pocketnow. Inside our smartphones are fully functional computers. They have multi-core, multi-GHz processors, a couple GB RAM, a fair amount of storage space, and so much more.

Thanks to ARM-based processors, based on RISC rather than CISC concepts, we’re able to get lots of power into a small and relatively inexpensive footprint. Computers like Raspberry Pi even fit in something not much larger than an Altoids tin. They still require a power source, keyboard, mouse, and monitor to be able to work. What if you could eliminate everything except the keyboard and monitor?

That’s what the “Mouse-Box” promises to do. It’s a small computer stuffed into a mouse. Yes, a mouse. You plug it into a monitor – modern ones even supply power down the HDMI line, and connect a Bluetooth or USB keyboard. That’s it. Your computer is there, under your hand, in a fully functional mouse.

You gotta see this.


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