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Commercial: Dell Schanze ‘Abducted’

Dell Schanze gets 'Abducted'Do you remember those old commercials for Totally Awesome Computers? The ones where SUPERDELL would yell and get in your face about how you were stupid if you bought a computer from anyone else (and in one case ate a booger)?

It turns out a lot of people didn’t like those commercials (especially the booger one).

You may not know this, but I used to work there! (I’ve got lots of fun information about what went on inside the company.) To address this we came up with a campaign wherein Dell would be “abducted” and we’d gauge the public’s response to the “news”.

About the same time, Dell was getting into Totally Awesome Guns and Range and Totally Awesome Flying Sports, so this gave him an excuse to let his computer business run on its own for a while. As memory serves, it also marked one of the most profitable periods in Totally Awesome Computers history.

Take a look at the first commercial (and no, the domain name was available, so I picked it up, I wasn’t involved in the the whole “Find Dell Schanze” campaign directly).


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