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Can I save you 1.2175 hours per year?

(Inspired by Levi’s blog entry.)

Using a new shoe-lacing and a new shoe tying technique, I’ve been able to save three seconds every time I put on my shoes or take them off!!

Okay, it sounds lame, but let’s do the math… On average I put on and take off my shoes twice per day, that’s 3 * 2 * 2 = 12 seconds per day saved. Okay, still not ground-breaking… But keep up the math.

12 seconds per day * 365.25 days per year (including leap years) = 4383 seconds saved per year, divide by 60 to get minutes saved) 73.05 minutes saved per year, divide by 60 again to get hours saved (1.2175) every year (now, multiply that by your hourly wage to get the total amount of money that you just saved by modifying your technique to put things in perspective.)

I’m 27 now… I started tying my shoes around age 5… If I’d have been using the techniques linked above, I’d have saved 26.785 hours. More than one entire day, just by tying my shoes differently!!

Okay, so I can’t go back in time to change that… So let’s look at going FORWARD in time.

Let’s say I live until I’m 90 (hey, I eat healthy, it could happen!). If I continue to use those techniques (and don’t improve upon them), I’ll have saved 3.196 days in shoe-tying-time alone!


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