Are you Red or Blue … in the Face


I’ve given up on the two-party system (where does it say anything about two parties in the Constitution? That’s right: it’s not in there).

Elected Democrats (no offense intended to my Democratic-voting friends here) seem to be the anti-Bush party, I haven’t seen any constructive ideas come out of an Elected Democrat since, like Ralph said, FDR, Truman, and JFK.

Then again, Elected Republicans aren’t “without sin” either (again, no offense intended to my Republican-voting friends). Take a look at Orrin Hatch being bought out by the RIAA and the MPAA. Lat time I checked the movie industry and music industry WEREN’T IN UTAH! So why did he write and push for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act? Not to protect Utahans, that’s for sure.

I could illustrate with many more examples, but hopefully my point is made.

All of us, Republican, Democrate, Green, Liberatarian, Constitutionalisms, etc. need to do what’s been said in other posts here:

  1. Get educated: learn about the issues, learn about the candidates, learn where the candidates stand on the issues.
  2. Become involved: let your elected officials know if you agree or disagree with what they’re doing — even if you didn’t vote for them.
  3. Vote for who you want to win, not who you think is going to win: I am really put off with people who say they voted for “this candidate” rather than “that candidate” even though they don’t like the views of the candidate they voted for… but they disliked the views of the “other candidate” more… so instead of voting FOR their elected officials, in effect, they are voting AGAINST the candidate that they don’t want.

I’ve switched my vote!

I belong to the Constituition Party now — back to basics.

Our country was founded on the limits and language set forth in the Constitution and all of our elected officials swear an oath to protect, uphold, and defend that very same Constitution… they just seem to have forgotten that oath and vote against the Constitution every day – which in legal jargon is called “purjury” and falls under the category of “high crimes.”

So, next time you vote (the “big election” is coming up in right around 80 days), don’t vote Red or Blue, Democrat or Republican, don’t for against someone, vote for the candidate that YOU want to win. If the Red or Blue candidate doesn’t represent your views DON’T vote for him/her!!!

There’s my soap-box commentary for the day, again, just meant to provoke thought, not to offend.

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