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Another Pre-Written Letter Opposing HR 4173

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Fresh from the July 4 recess, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying his best to ram through another big government powergrab as quickly as possible.

A cloture vote on H.R. 4173, the so-called “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” (which should really be called the Dodd-Frank Fed Empowerment Act), is expected in less than 24 hours.

Your help is needed to stop this latest attack on the market. Please contact your senators right away and urge them to reject the Dodd-Frank bill by voting against it at every opportunity, including cloture.

The “Dodd-Frank Fed Empowerment Act” deepens the government’s interference in the economy, creates additional layers of bureaucracy (including a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau housed at and funded by the Federal Reserve), institutionalizes bailouts, and even allows the government to seize firms if it deems them to be a “threat” to the economy.

H.R. 4173 would also prevent the Fed from being fully accountable by watering down Audit the Fed.

Here’s some language you can use when contacting your senators.


I urge you to vote against H.R. 4173, the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform bill, which not only fails to address the causes of the current economic crisis but sets the stage for even worse ones down the road.

This dangerous legislation would reward those who helped wreck our economy with more power. The Federal Reserve, whose loose money policies fueled the boom and brought about the bust, would house and fund the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The legislation may also lead to further takeovers of private businesses based on nothing more than assurances from the government that they could pose a threat in the future.

This is not the way the economy works in a free society.

If Congress is serious about real financial reform, it must pass S. 604 to completely and thoroughly audit the Federal Reserve and find out what has been done with the taxpayers’ money.

I again urge you to vote against H.R. 4173 and to do everything in your power to seek a standalone vote for S. 604. I will be sure to let my fellow constituents know how you vote on these critical issues.


(your name here)

You can also let your senators know that Campaign for Liberty will regard any vote in support of H.R. 4173 – including cloture – as vote to empower the Fed when reporting to our members.

Your senators need to hear from you right away. Please contact them today!

In Liberty,

John Tate, President
Campaign for Liberty


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