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3rd Time’s the Charm? Super Dell Runs for Governor – Again

“Super” Dell Schanze isn’t done trying to become the Commander In Chief – of Utah at least: SUPERDELL is running for Governor – again.

On Monday, March 14th 2016, Schanze filed a declaration of candidacy, declaring his party affiliation as “Independant (sic) American”, throwing his hat in the ring to become the next governor of the Great State of Utah:

Republican, but failed to gain the necessary votes to make it to the Primary Ballot – he didn’t even appear in front of the Delegates at Convention, having a friend deliver a “Vote for Super Dell” speech instead.


Schanze made an unsuccessful run for the office back in 2008 as a Libertarian.


In 2009 he made an unsuccessful run for Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah.


In 2010 Schanze tried to get the Republican Nomination for Governor. Back then Schanze said he was running because he wanted to “ensure that at least one candidate will be a real person”.

“Pretty much everyone knows that socialism is taking over, but they keep voting for the same types of people over and over and over, expecting a different outcome. … People already know voting for the typical candidate isn’t going to change anything. … It keeps making it worse and worse and worse. … What are the odds that anyone but me will stand for even the most standard Christian principles?”

Schanze said that, as Governor, he would ignore pressures from anyone trying to entice him to do anything other than the right thing to do.

“People have a choice once again. They can vote for wisdom and freedom. … There may be other good candidates, but there is no question: I am a Christian American.”

He failed at convention to make it on to the primary ballot – in part because he didn’t address the delegates, leaving that up to a friend who gave a “Vote for SUPERDELL” speech instead.

The 2016 Utah gubernatorial election will take place on November 8, 2016.


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