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Could our government turn off the Internet like Egypt did?

Friend of Freedom,

What happened in Egypt, sad to say, can happen here. What fueled the flame of “democratic demonstrations” in the streets of Egypt was the use of the Internet and social communication networks like Facebook and Twitter. That’s why the Mubarak administration pulled the “kill switch” and closed the onramps of the information superhighway in Egypt.

The “Kill switch” was designed to be a security measure that theoretically was to be used in an EMERGENCY SITUATION to protect the Internet from cyber-sabotage. Hosni Mubarak used it to try to silence his people by blocking the onramps to the Internet by shutting down the ISPs which carried the audio and visual transportation over the information superhighway.

But here’s the even more terrifying “news”…

Barack Obama ALREADY has the power to PULL THE PLUG on the Internet in the United States! “What? I never heard about that?” you ask. Of course not, it was buried in the new FCC rules and regulations enacted by the FCC (by a vote of 3-2) on December 21, 2010. The full implementation will take place in 60 days—BEFORE FEBRUARY 21, 2011 in a couple of weeks. That’s why we must act fast.

That’s why we must respond today so we can communicate with every single Member of Congress to overturn this disastrous FCC decision. Please help us now!

Egyptian protests were spearheaded by Internet!

Thanks to U.S. Senator Rockefeller’s 2009 Cyber-Security Act (which never made it out of Senate Committee), the FCC has taken up that “oversight mantle” and passed the catastrophic new rules and regulations on December 21, 2010.

FACT #1: The FCC does NOT have authority from either the U.S. Congress or the U.S. Constitution to assume control of the Internet!

FACT #2: The White House does NOT have the authority from either the U.S. Congress or the U.S. Constitution to use the “Kill-Switch!”

Here is the catch: According to U.S. law, and how legislation is entered into the Congressional Record, these regulations become law within 60 days (or February 21, 2011) of their implementation—so we only have a couple of weeks to get our Internet freedom back!

The bottom line: This already-enacted law ILLEGALLY allows Barack Obama to “TURN OFF” the Internet! A kill-switch, as we can see from Egypt, can have overwhelmingly horrendous consequences! You, as an individual, would be drastically affected. But think of the millions of businesses that depend upon the Internet for their commerce. The consequences would be catastrophic. The fallout would literally CRIPPLE most businesses.

But even more importantly, your privacy would be violated and the United States Constitution would be violated!

Mr. Obama LIED to you when he promised: “There are certain core values that we believe are universal, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, people being able to use social networking.” Not so! When he pulls the “Kill Switch”—all of our First Amendment freedoms go out the window.

My Friend of Freedom, this is extremely serious. Mr. Obama’s ability to DISCONNECT THE INTERNET from YOU—literally shows that he has a genuine “DISCONNECT” not only with every American, and not only with the principles expounded by our Founding Fathers, but with our forefathers whose shed blood built an island of freedom in the center of the world!

The Department of Homeland Security and the Obama administration’s FCC, has now assumed the unconstitutional power to SHUT DOWN the Internet in the United States of America if Mr. Obama feels that it is in the national crisis plaguing this nation. After all, it was this Administration that went on record saying: “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Let’s end that crisis—right now!

When the guy in the Oval Office gets blindsided by the voters and takes away his Congressional super majority, it’s really not a “national security” issue, as the Obama minions allege. It’s politics. Eliminating the ability of the voters to communicate with one is, plain and simple, just hard-core, Chicago-style politics. The Obama “power grab” must be stopped! But, what is happening in Egypt does pose a question: Will Mr. Obama use the same tactics as Egypt’s President Mubarak? Will Mr. Obama use the “kill switch” if his advisers tell him he can justify it?

This is a battle that we absolutely must win! If we lose this battle, we will lose the WAR! Please. Please respond today so we can stop this Internet Kill-Switch, but even more importantly, we can stop the illegal FCC power over our First Amendment rights as American individual citizens to use the Internet.

Will you please help AmeriPAC in this all-important, all-out campaign to HALT the FCC from ruling over our privacy on the Internet! Quite frankly, this is an abomination to our freedoms as Americans.

Please fax and donate today!

Thank you for your concern for our exceptional, great Nation. May freedom continue to flourish, even through the various communication venues, including the Internet. It made a big different in the recent quest for Egyptian independence; and it will continue to make a difference for the great America that we live in… and the privacy we so cherish.


Alan Gottlieb, Chairman, AmeriPAC

P. S.   Help make this a literal turning point of your privacy in life, but a turning point against those who would want to see our freedoms and privacy lessened. Your financial support is urgently needed now—to help get this message across, especially before the 60 days are up in a few days. Mr. Obama is using an unconstitutional assumption of power—to take away YOUR privacy. Please respond NOW!

We MUST fax Congress today. The possibility of the unconstitutional abduction of the Internet must be treated as a real threat, and that unconstitutional usurpation of power not congressionally granted must be rescinded! The FCC decision to implement these new rules and regulations must be absolutely controlled by Congress. The FCC does NOT have the Constitutional power to regulate—or turn off and turn on—the Internet. Already, three federal judges have ruled that the Internet has earned First Amendment protection—exactly the same as the printed media!

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