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Utah: Good guy with a gun prevents stabbing (video)

According to what the police have reported, a man (the Good Guy) saw another man (the Bad Guy) slashing at another guy (the Victim) with a knife.

The Good Guy stopped his car and ordered the Bad Guy to stop. The Bad Guy refused.

The Good Guy (who is also a former Law Enforcement Officer) pulled his lawfully concealed firearm and again ordered the Bad Guy to stop. This time the Bad Guy complied.

The Good Guy got on his phone and called 911, explaining what was going on to Dispatch.

“I see somebody in need of help it’s just the right thing to do, the wrong thing to do would of been to turn my back and have somebody be stabbed because I didn’t do anything.”

Here are some sad points to this incident:

  • The Good Guy was the only one who stopped to help a man (the victim) from being attacked and presumably stabbed to death,
  • The Good Guy was reportedly the only one who called 911 (the bystanders reportedly didn’t call for help),
  • The bystanders added to an already bad situation by trying to get the Good Guy to holster his sidearm – which would have allowed the Bad Guy to escape with the knife he was using while assaulting the Victim.

Our culture promises that if we do not fight back, we won’t get hurt (this is a lie).

Our culture tells us to not get involved – even it someone could die if we don’t take action.

Our culture tells us the person with the gun is automatically the “bad guy”, even though statistically more good guys own and carry guns than bad guys.

At the end of the day, if you were the Victim, about to be stabbed to death, would you hope that a law-abiding citizen (who has passed numerous background checks, who has undergone mandatory training, and who has spent several hundred dollars on equipment) would come to your aid until the police were able to arrive?

Source: Fox 13 Utah


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