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Update from Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator

Fellow Utahn,

With each passing day, it seems that one-by-one, another one of President Obama’s promises on the recently passed health care law bites the dust.

This week, I helped lead an effort to debunk the claim: “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan.” We now know that ObamaCare will increase the deficit, raise health care costs, eliminate health care choices, cost us much needed jobs, tax Americans who earn less much less than $250,000 and so much more. A lot of people are afraid that this is a done deal that there’s nothing we can do about ObamaCare, but I am not one of them.

This week I introduced two bills that repeal the most insidious provisions at the heart of ObamaCare — the unconstitutional individual mandate and the job-killing employer mandate. The fight is not going to be easy, but, I say, it’s a fight we must win: “If we don’t do this, if we don’t repeal this thing, and this is a way of getting rid of that bill, these two bills are a way of getting rid of the health care bill. If we don’t repeal this then I guarantee you within three or four years, they’ll throw their hands in the air and say it’s not working, we’ve got to go to a single payer system, otherwise known as socialized medicine. I don’t want to go to socialized medicine.”

This week’s update also features articles on my efforts to require drug testing in order to receive welfare or unemployment benefits.

Sincerely, Senator Hatch

Senator Hatch’s Op-Eds

TV Interviews & Clips

  • Senator Hatch Fights to Repeal Obamacare
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In The News

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  • New Insurance Rules Under Scrutiny
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  • Hatch Amendment Goes After Employer Health Insurance Penalties

@OrrinHatch on Twitter

  • Discussed my bills to repeal the individual and employer mandates from ObamaCare on Fox News today: #utpol
  • The @SLTrib reports on my bills to repeal parts of ObamaCare: #utpol
  • I want to congratulate the University of Utah for all of its accomplishments that led to them joining the Pac-10 today:
  • Introduced bills to repeal the unconstitutional individual mandate and job-killing employer mandate:
  • Introduced amend today to require drug testing in order to apply for unemployment benefits or welfare.
  • Discussed how with each passing day another one of the President’s health care promises bites the dust. Video:
  • President Obama’s promises don’t match the reality of the health care law — millions will lose their current coverage:

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