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“On this day, 227 years ago, 39 courageous men signed the Constitution and forever changed the course of history.” — Lee Skabelund, Leg 18 Chair

Not one of my children came home from school today overflowing with excitement asking me to guess what they learned in school today. When I asked, none of them knew that today is Constitution Day. Obviously, many of our schools aren’t doing a good enough job teaching our children about the importance of our founding documents – nor am I.

Thankfully there are resources for parents, grandparents, and educators who want to teach the younger generation about the parts of History that really matter. One such resource is being offered via a series of videos published on YouTube bySoomo Publishing.

In their first satirical video project we see the Founding Fathers and the circumstances that compelled the drafting of the Declaration of Independence, all set to a contemporary song based on Apologize by One Republic, featuring Timbaland: Too Late To Apologize: a Declaration.

There are creative, innovative, and interesting ways to help educate those in our circles of influence. It’s not enough to rely on a teacher or a textbook. It’s up to you.

(Thank you to those members of the Davis County Republican Party that shared this video with us!)


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