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Time for a new theme

The last theme that I was running looked pretty, I especially liked the wind turbines, but it had problems in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Why 30% of my visitors are still using the slowest, most yucky web browser made is still a mystery to me… but, I had to take action… so I went with an all html5 + css3 theme this time around.

Before you go ranting that MSIE doesn’t support html5 and css3, that’s where “graceful degradation” comes in to play… you MSIEers just aren’t seeing the site in all of it’s technologically up-to-date glory… How many other sites are you not seeing in “high def”? Oh well, that’s fodder for another post.

Back on topic… if you came here and things didn’t look familiar, take comfort in knowing it’s the same site, just with a new look and feel. Take a look around and let me know what you think!


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