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“Taxing the rich” makes poor/middle-class people poorer

The Dem’s are floating the “tax the rich”, “make the rich pay their ‘fair share'” rhetoric to try and pay for their programs. Which, of course, gets the “not-rich” to back their plan… ironically, the “not-rich” are the beneficiaries of these programs.

So let’s tax the “rich” — i.e., the businesses, or business owners. What do they do? Well, they started and ran a successful business, right? So they’re a relatively intelligent lot of people. They see taxes as an expense on the balance sheet. What do you do when expenses increase? You either lower other expenses (outsourcing and off-shoring are two popular ways to do this), reduce the quality of the product (which “not-rich” people buy, and have to buy again and again when the cheaper version breaks, making the “not-rich” people poorer), or raise the cost of the item (again, making the “not-rich” people poorer).

So who is really footing the bill for “taxing the rich”? You guessed it. The poor are.


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