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Take your kids shooting

I had the day off today and decided to take the boys shooting. Michael (10.5) has been a few times before, but Porter (5.5) had never been. We headed over to Impact Guns and Range in Roy (or West Ogden), Utah and rented a lane. We had our own ammo, targets, firearms, and ear plugs; they provided the lane, muffs (in additions to ear plugs), and eye protection for a total of under 18 bucks.

Before we entered the range we reviewed the rules of firearms and safe handling of guns.

Once inside both boys shot Mom’s AR-15 and my Glock Model 30 (.45 ACP). Porter only shot one round from the AR-15 because it was “too loud”, and one round from the Glock because it “kicked too hard”, but he handled both firearms in a safe manner… and he now knows first hand what pulling that trigger feels like and has a new respect for guns.

Michael loved shooting my Glock, so here’s a video of his last two magazines. You’ll notice we even safely clears the last round.


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  1. Greg says:

    I didn’t grow up with guns and tended to shy away from them for most of my life. They simply made me nervous. But once I went shooting with a friend and learned how to use them safely, I found out how fun and safe an activity shooting can be. I own a few guns now and take my boys shooting all the time. They absolutely love it and it gives us one more way to spend time together doing something fun. Sometimes I take them one on one, which helps even a little more with the father-son bonding. And I’m amazed at how well they have learned to handle guns safely. Even my younger son at 8 years old is very responsible with them now. I don’t worry any more about what would happen if they were at a friends house and came across a gun. They would know not to touch it and to go get an adult. Most kids that have not been taught firearms safety would pick it up out of curiosity and play around with it. There are tons of great reasons to take your kids shooting. So I’m with you Joe… Definitely take your kids shooting. Heck, take your wife shooting too!

    Some advice for others: With new shooters, start them with .22 rifles and handguns or similar guns that are easy (less recoil and noise) to shoot. They will be much more comfortable and the ammo is a lot less expensive.

    I made a personal decision to start with .22 rather than a BB or pellet gun. Some people like to get their kids started shooting with air guns, but I think kids tend to become complacent quickly with them and treat them more like toys as far as safety goes; yet they can still be dangerous. There are arguments to both sides of that coin though. So I just threw that out that as something to consider.

    And if you are looking for one more related activity to do with your kids… My boys and I are going to complete the hunter safety course together some time soon, even though we don’t have any plans to hunt. It is a great course for teaching about safety and gun laws, etc.

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