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How to stop the buzzing when you play music from your phone in your car

I’ve got a smartphone that I use to play music, podcasts, or even audio books during my daily commute. When I plug it into my AUX port I get an annoying buzzing sound that cycles with my engine. It drives me nuts.

Sure, I could get rid of it by unplugging the power cable from the phone, but then it wouldn’t charge while I drive – not good.

The problem is caused by something called a “ground loop”. Put simply, the USB charger is grounded and the headphone jack is grounded. Two (or more) grounds can cause all sorts of interference – in this case: buzzing.

The solution is beautifully simple! This inexpensive little dongle plugs into your AUX-IN jack and into your audio cable. It doesn’t need batteries or any external power, it just works.

Now my audio is crystal clear, and I’m loving it! For under $10 my only regret is not buying one sooner!


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