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Of Goats and Milk

I was reading the blog of a friend-of-a-friend (again) and came across an entry about goat milk.

I’ve got a thing for soaps — no, not the kind that you’ll find at most grocery stores, but more “back to basics” soaps. These days we use a lot of detergent compared to soap (that’s an idea for another post).

When I was working for BOWG Advertising one of their clients was Sundance Resort. For a company Christmas party one year, they got us all cabins at Sundance — in the bathrooms they had exotic, scented glycerine soaps. Now, not to sound “un-manly” or anything, but I just loved using those soaps. Natalie and I bought a few bars and used them up quickly.

Since then I’ve tried oatmeal soaps, glycerine soaps, and with a recent visit to the Willow Lane Soap Cottage at Drake Family Farms in West Jordan, Utah, now I can say that I’ve tried Goat Milk Soap — and Goat Milk Lotion, to boot!

We didn’t pick up any milk (due to lack of cooling and the fact that we weren’t heading right home), but I’d like to.

If you find yourself near Redwood Road and 7400 South in West Jordan, Utah, drop by and visit the goat farm.


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