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Music Mashups, back in my day they were called “remixes,” but the end result is the same… Take two (or more) songs with similar cadence, the same key, and mash them together into a completely new mix of the songs.

Now this is where things differ from “back in the day,” back then the resulting song typically sounded pretty techno and ended up sounding like one song or the other. In today’s “music mashups” take the songs and blend them together so that if the listener didn’t know either song they wouldn’t know that they weren’t listening to the song in its original form.

Enter “Party Ben,” a remixer, producer and DJ, known for his wacky mashups and recently-cancelled mix show “The Sixx Mixx” on San Francisco Alternative station LIVE 105. He is also the assistant producer of LIVE 105’s recently-cancelled electronic music show Subsonic, in addition to being the Creative Director and voice-over artist for this fine Bay Area radio station. He is also a resident DJ at Club Bootie, America’s First All-Mashup Nightclub&trade.

Take a listen to some of his music, here’s an example The Police vs. Snow Patrol called “Every Car You Chase” .MP3

Here are a few of Party Ben’s music mashups:

  • Chemical Brothers vs. John Williamsm, “Galvanize the Empire”
  • Gorillaz vs. No Doubt vs. Deep Purple, “Hella Dare You to Smoke”
  • Mylo (Etienne de Crecy remix) vs. Tegan & Sara, “Walking With a Ghost in Paris (2007 Remix)”
  • Gnarls Barkley vs. Donna Summer, “I Feel Crazy”
  • and much, much more!

If you know of another DJ who does similar work, please let us know!

8 thoughts on “Music Mashups

  1. My buddy David (aka F34R) pointed me in the direction of a “how to make your own music mashup” tutorial (hosted by Sue Teller):

  2. These guys throw the Bootie mash-up parties on the west coast – also now in New York: Adrian & the Mysterious D:
    They have some cool tracks you can get on their site (lower left side).

    Also, the Bootie website does a monthly ‘Bootie Top Ten’ you can find here: – Free downloads by worldwide producers (tracks A+D choose every month.)

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