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JOB POSTING: Senior Web Developer

I got an emailthe other day regarding a company wanting to fill the position of Senior Web Developer. Because many of you reading are into web technologies, I am re-posting this here should any of you be qualified and interested. (Mention my name when responding, see if they’ll give me a free lunch or something. 😉

We are currently attempting to fill the positions posted below. If you
think you might know someone who would be interested in these positions
please call me at 801/327-9957 or simply bounce back to this email
indicating their names and giving me a current daytime phone number so I can
call them to discuss it further.

If you are interested in the position yourself, please reply to this
email indicating your interest and a good time and phone number to reach
you. Also, please send over an updated version of your resume. This position
is going to move fast, so please respond as quickly as possible.


Jani Beecher

Senior Web Developer/Interactive
Salt Lake City, UT
The largest comprehensive marketing company exclusively for
colleges and proprietary schools. They offer recruiting, enrollment,
retention, and business growth solutions for colleges nationwide. Their
services include direct mail, media placement, e-marketing, custom research,
admissions training, student retention, and brand creation. Company has been
around for more than 15 years and has 250 employees. They are growing
7 years of experience with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and Linux.
Must be highly motivated, detail-oriented, and able to work aggressively
under deadlines and can handle multiple tasks at once.

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  1. AbraahamLcn says:

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  3. LisaStringfellow says:

    Hello ,

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