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Hi, I'm a Geek, and I'm Overweight

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While watching TV recently I’ve noticed advertisements for a new show: Chuck, Saving the World at $11/hour. One of the teasers features a tightly wrapped “secret agent”-type woman descending from the ceiling and hovering just above a green laser grid in some high-tech room (Mission: Impossible style). A few moments later a guy in a white shirt and tie descends — backwards. She offers him some advise: “just tense up your abs” to right himself. He replies “I’m a computer nerd! I don’t have abs!” Too true… too true.

Apparently my diet of Mountain Dew and Spitz Sunflower Seeds and total lack of notable physical activity has finally caught up with me. I know my daily caloric intake should be around 2,000, but just how many calories am I consuming per day compared to how many calories burned? For that I need some kind of calorie counter, and then a plan on how to burn more than I’m taking in (i.e., and exercise and diet plan).

One thing to note, a “diet” isn’t some magic thing you follow, but a word to describe the “stuff” that you take in to your body. Sorry for the aside, just had to clarify a pet peeve of mine.

Back on topic… is a site that I was recently introduced to that helps you develop good eating habits, combined with regular exercise, and sets reasonable weight loss goals and expectations. More importantly, they emphasize healthy living through diet and exercise, not just one or the other to “magically shed pounds” like so many “weight-loss programs” try to sell.

In any event, I’ve signed up (it’s “free” and their privacy policy states that they won’t resell/trade your personal information with anyone), and we’ll see how things go. Someday before too long I’ll be a computer nerd WITH abs! Eat your heart out, Chuck!

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