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Davis County Republicans Sweep Election

It wasn’t that long ago that we, as neighbors, met together in our Neighborhood Caucuses to elect Delegates who would represent our views, interests, and concerns while vetting candidates to either send to the ballot.

Last night, after the votes were tallied, your candidates swept the election!

Every partisan office up for election in Davis County was filled by one of the Republican candidates that our Delegates sent to the ballot. That’s an impressive feat and helps to underscore the point that the Davis County Republican Party is stronger and more cohesive than ever!

We’d like to thank our Candidates, their families, and campaigns; our Delegates for the time, effort, and research they put into selecting the best candidates for the ballot; our Precinct Officers for coordinating everything at the neighborhood level (the REAL seat of power in our system of government); and our Legislative and Senate District Chairs, and everyone else involved for all the time and effort they put in working with candidate campaigns to get Republicans elected.

As we’ve mentioned before, the election may be the “finish-line” of the race, but it’s the start of their terms of office. It’s your job to keep those that we’ve elected informed on how your neighbors feel about issues, and hold them accountable for every vote!

Once again, congratulations everyone!



Though the Party does not endorse or support candidates in nonpartisan races, we’ve included their election results here for your convenience.


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