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Darby Gardner has a new site

My good buddy Darby Gardner has posted a new website. Darby and I go way back to the days of junior high school… Has it been that long? Anyhow… nostaligia aside, here’s a shameless plug for his site. Enjoy!


Hello everybody. I’m writing this unexpected, unsolicited e-mail to announce the new online home of Darby & Sheila and family: GardnerSite! You can see it now at Unfortunately, though, there’s not much there right now. There’s a discussion board (forum), a calendar, and my weblog. That is where you, the viewer, come in. I actually have had a difficult time deciding what to include on the website. So, along with announcing the site, I’m also asking for suggestions. That way, this doesn’t become just some boring website with stuff on it only I want to see, or think other people want to see. It now becomes a boring website with stuff on it and everybody else wants to see! Anyway, directions on how to submit ideas are listed on the main page of the site.

Thanks muchly for allowing me to shamelessly promote the family website. I hope to hear from you soon.

– Darb


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  1. Thanks for the extra shameless promotion of my site. It’s totally unexpected. I hope you and your readers enjoy you stay. 🙂

    – Darb

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