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Cool 2D/3D User Interface for Mobile Phones

I’ve talked about The Astonishing Tribe (“TAT” for short) before on, and was pretty impressed with their concept Launcher app: TAT Home.

Well, TAT’s done it again, this time with “tilt-triggered dimensions”. That’s a fancy term that doesn’t do justice to the concept they are pioneering. Using the phone’s built-in tilt sensors they’ve put together a couple demos of some 2D apps, and what they could potentially do when tilted to emulate the third dimension.

The first demo shows an ordinary list of your contacts when the phone is held flat. When tilted the flat list turns into a 3D stack of those same contacts and displays their most recent social network updates. When you tilt back the card stack smoothly animates back to a flat list.

The second demo blew me away (something that’s not easily accomplished). Picture yourself looking at a flat map, when you tilt your phone up the view changes from flat to 3D and buildings literally grow out of the map, offering up location-based information about each of those buildings, basically bridging the gap between map-based information and augmented reality. Again, my description doesn’t do it justice, you’ll have to watch the video to see for yourself.

Unfortunately, neither of these two interfaces is in any current product, but both are entirely possible given today’s hardware.

I, for one, can’t wait to see this sort of GUI incorporated into Android. What about you, what 2D/3D app would you like to see this type of interface applied to?


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  1. joelevi says:

    My latest article -> Cool 2D/3D User Interface for Mobile Phones

  2. joelevi says:

    My latest article -> Cool 2D/3D User Interface for Mobile Phones

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