Being Offended vs. Taking Offense

of·fend·ed əˈfendəd/ adjective resentful or annoyed, typically as a result of a perceived insult. Whether its a flag, a religion, a dress, a political party, or something someone said or did (or perhaps didn’t say or do), a segment of our culture today is quick to “take offense” at something Read more…

By Joe Levi, ago

Part 1: The Problem with Utah Polictics

Politics: Poly, meaning many; Ticks, blood sucking bugs. Chapter 1: The Background I’ve always hated politics. In high school, one of my teachers offered an extra-credit assignment to write a letter to our Congressional Representative about an issue we’d been discussing, then report back with their response (if any). This Read more…

By Joe Levi, ago

URIs: The Anatomy of a Web Address

Background We often take for granted the ease at which we can retrieve “stuff” over the Internet. Recently, at work, I was asked what sounded like an easy enough question, but the answer was based upon multiple layers of prerequisite understanding. A simple question turned into a fairly lengthy explanation. Read more…

By Joe Levi, ago