About Joe Levi

Joe Levi for Vice Chair of the Utah Republican Party

The price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.

💡 Who Is Joe Levi?

I was born in Weber County, and was reared in Davis County where my father worked as an aircraft electrician for Hill Air Force Base and my mother worked as an elementary school teacher for the Davis School District. From a very young age, Mom would teach me on the weekdays, and on the weekends I’d work on the farm with Dad.

When my wife and I married almost 20 years ago, we moved away from the hustle and bustle of the suburbs into a small farming community, off the beaten path. Over time, our little town group up around us. We moved our family to Cache County, with our only question being why didn’t we do it sooner.

Before we moved, like many of you, we took note of Politicians passing bills, restricting Liberties, and raising taxes with what we felt was very little input from their constituents.

I took action. I started attending my Neighborhood Caucus meetings and my neighbors elected me to serve in various capacities. Over the many years of our involvement, I was elected as Precinct Chair, Legislative District Vice Chair, Chairman of the Ethics Committee, both a State and County Delegate, and was elected as Vice Chair of the County Party. In that position, I administered the County Party’s website, assisted the County Party Chair, and served on the State Central Committee (SCC).

Since then, I have served as the Webmaster for the Utah Republican Party and the Cache County Republican Party.

Despite meetings in far-flung locations (Heber, Orem, and beyond) I only missed one meeting of the SCC, and one meeting of the County Executive Committee – when my father passed away.

🗳 Why You Should Vote For Joe Levi

Vote for Joe LeviI believe in our Caucus and Convention System – it is a wonderful system where our communities get together and elect “Neighborhood Representatives” – which we call Delegates.

These people are teachers, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, farmers, mechanics, tradesmen, husbands, wives – they’re our neighbors, and we elect them to help research those candidates who best reflect our values – the Planks in our Party Platform. Then they present those candidates to us – the public – for our ratifying vote at the General Election. It’s a fabulous great check-and-balance.

What’s more important, after the General Election has passed and all the votes have been counted, some Politicians forget about our communities – until the next election cycle. That’s when you’ll see them kissing babies, passing “feel good legislation”, and pandering to media.

Thanks to our Caucus System, the voice of our neighborhoods is still heard by these elected and appointed officials LONG after the votes have been counted at the General Election. They know they have to come back before us – the Delegates, the elected Neighborhood Representatives – to explain and justify their votes, otherwise they risk not getting our recommendation.

This system – the one that keeps Politicians accountable after the election – is under attack. Laws have recently been passed to “short-cut” the process – to silence the voice of our communities. Court cases have been – and are sill being – fought to keep the voices of our communities relevant.

We must continue this fight to keep the voice of our neighborhoods and communities – through the duties and responsibilities of the Delegates – relevant. This is something the State Central Committee must do.

If you will elect me – Joe Levi – as Vice Chair of the Utah Republican Party:

  • I will faithfully attend all meetings
  • I will fight to restore the voice of our Neighborhood Representatives which politicians have been taking away in recent years
  • I will ensure that Rural Utah has a voice that will be heard loud and clear

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet me yet, please contact me with any questions you have.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for your consideration!

signed, Joe Levi

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