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Imagined Ink, Labeled for Reuse,
Thank you for your interest in contacting me! As you might have imagined, running for office results in a lot of people trying to contact me – and often at the same time!

To help you get in touch with me, here are the ways you can do so – in order of my preferred methods. When you do contact me, please introduce yourself (if you’re a State Delegate, please let me know which area of the state you represent), and be patient. I may not be able to personally reply to every inquiry I get, but I will make every attempt to do so.


Just as the founders thought we should be “secure in our persons, houses, papers, and effects”, I value privacy as well. Wire provides a cross-platform solution where text messages, phone calls, file transfers, and even video calls are encrypted. Wire is my preferred method of communication.


Wire is a modern, private communications tool offering free text, voice, video, pictures, and much more. Wire is available on iOS, Android and desktop. Wire conversations are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring all data is private and secure.1

You can get started with Wire through their website:



Telephone & Text

If I am unable to answer your call, please leave me a message including your name and email address, which area of the state you represent (if you are a State Delegate), and any questions you have for me.

+1 (801) 317-8563

Postal Mail

Post Office Box 381
Newton, Utah 84327

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