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WordPress 2.9

Wow… so that was a huge ordeal.

For those of you who care, this blog is powered by WordPress. WordPress just released version 2.9. Version 2.9 needs MyAQL or higher (or something like that) to run. I was running 4.0.something.

So I backed up my database only to find that I couldn’t RESTORE the database. So I had to export all my posts. This worked fine for all my blogs but this one, which I had to get a more “advanced” exporter and chunk the backup (it kept “completing” but it would crap out with a timeout error, which would corrupt the XML).

Once I got all the posts/comments chunked out into 4 parts, I had to create a new MySQL 5 database, then edit all my config.php files to point to the new database. Then import the 4 chunks, then reconfigure all the blog settings.

Once I got all that done I was able to install WordPress 2.9.

Yikes. But now I’m on MySQL 5.x which should last me for a while…

That explains why things were “wonky” today. I’ve also made the decision to axe Disqus for my commenting engine. I’m going with the stock WP comments. I really dislike giving control of “my” content to a 3rd party who doesn’t work all the time (I’ve had problems with both Disqus and Intense Debate). So, if you lost your comments in the shuffle, I apologize. Please repost them and I’ll be happy to approve them.


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