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Why U.S. Presidential Hopeful Barack Obama Doesn't Want You to Know His Middle Name

Barack Obama
Barack Obama, a Democrat, is Illinois’ Junior U.S. Senator (Incumbent) and has recently taken the first steps to being considered as a candidate for President.

But he’s got a secret that may very well haunt his campaign. The secret? His middle name.

Barack Obama’s middle name is Hussein.

Barack’s father was a Muslim. Barack himself attended Muslim school, though he later transferred to Catholic school and is presently considers himself a Christian and was married in a Christian church.

Nonetheless, Barack Hussein Obama is a man who Muslims think is a Muslim. And in a war where all terrorists currently identified belong to one religion, where will Barack Hussein Obama’s loyalty be?

Without trying to sound racist or discriminatory, it’s true that not all Muslim’s are terrorists, overwhelmingly, most terrorists are Muslim.

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